Friday, December 19, 2008

44444 already?

Everytime it hits a 'nice' number, it'll be at the most inconvenient time. When it hit '33333' I was stuck in a jam. Good time to snap, but then my camera wasn't that good and all visuals of it were shaky. (Or was it the person who took the photo?) And today it hit '44444' right at the toll booth, so I thought after I go through the Smart Tag, I'll take a snap. Somehow, 3 shots of it were blurry. Again. Adoi. So I had to wait till I reached the carpark of my office, hence about 3km away. So it's not a not-so-unique '44447'.

Just missed 44444

And is it a coincidence or what? On both occasions, I didn't have much fuel left. hahahaha

It's only 1yr and 5 months and it's surpassed 40k. Well, I guess this seems much better than the Mahindra. Less than 6 months and I was into 25k already. That time I was travelling JB-KL-JB almost every weekend. Gosh! Can't imagine....Right now the daily trips have been cut tremendously the past 1 month cos I've not gone to site for sometime now.

It's the weekend again. I'm looking forward to the gathering of Explorace friends, dunno how many will turn up. Erm, other than that, it's gonna be more spring cleaning again in anticipation of mum & dad's arrival on Christmas eve and well, the baby! :D

Everyday's been the same, anxious and looking forward to new challenges. Next week, will be more of 'hospital time' for me. Yeah....gonna be a 'dracula' for a day. Hope all will go well then.

OK, here's the story.

When I got preggy, I went to my doc (here I mean my hematologist) first. I wanted him to recommend an experienced ObGyn who can and knows what to do in my case. So he says that in my case, the only thing I may have is that I may feel tired and perhaps sometime in the middle of my pregnancy (around 4th or 5th month), I'll need blood transfusion. That is normal for most of his Thallassaemia patients. Thallassaemia minor, that is. This is because when preggy, blood gets diluted, and hence the red blood cell count will usually be reduced by 1 or 2 counts (erm, I can't remember the units - opps!). So anyway, I braced for that and I wanted that to be my challenge. To stay away from transfusion!

So at 4 months, I was feeling much better than the first 3 months. I was climbing steps with no problems, walking as fast as I normally would (on flat terrain la of course) and I just felt great. On my 6th month visit to my doc again, he was happy seeing my condition. Though my blood count is stable aroung the 6s (its usually about 8), I was doing great. So I was estatic. Throughout, I've not felt faint even. I seem to have all the energy in the world. Of course with the exception that I couldn't do anymore cardio la.

I breezed though and now that I'm approaching 36 weeks, I have to be transfused. This transfusion is to elevate my blood count to a safer level in case surgery is required. It's a safety precaution. There will also be blood loss during delivery and this should help keep the situation more stable. So, next week, I'll be 'checked in' for some 'dracula-action' .

If trasfusion was carried out earlier at the 'expected' 4th or 5th month, at the end, I still may have to have this 2nd transfusion. This is because one transfusion usually lasts for about 1 month only.

So looks like I managed to go through the 'challenge' I set for myself and I'm just so happy.

I'm anxious. I keep having funny and weird dreams about delivery, the transfusion and all that is to come the next 4 weeks. NOw the tummy is the only obstruction to what I can usually do before this. Bending forward is not so possible now so I have to re-position myself at times when needing to pick up something from the floor. Sleeping patterns have changed recently. I'm sleeping later than before. Weird. I just can't go to sleep.

Looking forward to more 'action' next week!

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