Monday, December 15, 2008

Warehouse sales

About 2 weeks ago, my aunt told me that there was a warehouse sale for baby stuff. So since I wasn't able to get full info on it, and I didn't know which newspaper to look for, I decided to search for it online. And walaaa....guess what I found? A website dedicated to warehouse sales in Klang Valley and all sorts of other discounts or sales...goodness.... seriously, I was shocked!

I found the warehouse sale my aunt mentioned, but it wasn't what I was looking for, so I didn't go. I went to another, also featured on that page, but I already knew of it from the papers. Anyway, so that got me sort of hooked. Every end-of-the-week, I'll just check out that page. And so last Friday, I found a Crocs' Clearance Sale in Sri Damansara (aiya around tat area la). Well, sale started on Friday, so if i went on Saturday, naturally most would be gone. But since we didn't have much planned for the day, we headed there anyway. As expected, the sandals of my size were gone, largest were of size 4....then shoes, found a unisex kind of pair, but was slightly too big, bought it anyway, for Dad...hehehe so if Dad refuses it, I'll just wear it with a pair of thick socks. Hehehe well, after my 1st pair of Crocs, I find it to be unbelieveably comfortable, especially at time when I really need the cushioning from too much window-shopping with extra weight. :D

Bought some really cheap baby stuff there too, well, just 1 or 2 toys, not many varieties of Fisher-Price toys there, but they were really cheap.

Then we were off to the movies again! hehehehe this time, really dunno what to watch anymore, we ended up watching 'Cicakman 2'. Can u believe that? Anyway, there were some unrealistic portions, erm, not so nice parts, but ok la...few doze-off-sessions to add...:) But since it was free, I think it's ok la.

Then, for some reason or other, after that, we actually headed to Ikano/Cineleisure to continue. hehehe in total, we walked for about almost 5 hours, minus the movie and the makan etc... Goodness can u imagine?

Well, my left back-of-my-knee pain is still there, and today it's slightly better. I think I need to rub it on and off. But its really weird la. I just hope it goes off as sudden as it appeared la. Cos in the morning, sometimes that nerve/tendon/muscle really hurts esp when I take the first step out of bed. Have to limp.

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