Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breaking Fast...

I've been totally lazy lately. My intention to cook for buka puasa always somewhat comes with one reason or another. So it's off to the nearest Ramadhan Bazaar for our daily dose. Suntex, Tmn Alam Jaya or TTDI so far. We've stayed away from Kg. Penchala and have only once went to the one in PKNS Shah Alam, cos we were in the vicinity. Not yet ventured to many places yet. Only eaten out once. But I feel that I'm just bored of eating the same (almost the same) stuff day in, day out...or perhaps its because I'm just not feeling right because I've not done any exercise? I want to RUN! (wait, out of topic already lah!)

AIR now knows the routine when it comes to breaking fast. When he hears the azan and after we have our dates, and when he sees me taking his bowl and spoon out, he'll go to his high-chair, ask for his bib and wait at our dining table. Thank God he's now not disruptive (as he was on the 1st and 2nd day of fasting, causing us to break fast kelam kabut).

Not as easy as before with just 1, now with 2. Though the lil one is still relatively easy to handle, but AIR can get quite difficult when he wants to, especially when he's sleepy/tired and at the same time jealous of his sister.

Sahur is just the same, the 'whole family' wakes up for sahur :) but only two eating, one wanting attention and another needs assistance to feed :)

It's going to be a different routine beginning next week when I start work....oh boy!

BAck to running, I think I'll be able to slot in my runs before iftar when I start work ;p oh I miss that 'drained-out'-feeling!!

Now, what's for buka puasa this weekend? :)


isabelle said...

no plans so far. tapi rasa mcm nak mkn bersungguh2 jer..hehehe. tamak

reitak said...

ituler, tapi u ada 'lesen', mine dah expire, kang bertimbun lemak pulak :)