Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food during Ramadhan

It's been a lazy Ramadhan for me!

The only thing I've cooked was spagethi and that was only once and ate for 2 sahurs. :) The rest - we've been tapau-ing.

Technically its not exactly being lazy, but everytime I feel like/want to cook, with the tod wanting attention and sometimes disturbing, I find it easier (for now) to not cook. We have very different sahur patterns also :) No 'proper meal' is required. Thank God for that. So saves alot of hassle.

Teringin jugak to cook especially when I see those food many keep posting showing what has/had been cooking in the kitchen, but I guess that, for me perhaps will be next year! Since I managed to do it even when I was preggy with AIR1, not being pregnant also for sure can lah!

So no food pic to show! :)

Happy fasting!


isabelle said...

enjoy the non-cooking-term while u still can. hehe

reitak said...

:) definitely, but kadang it gets boring eating from the few PARAMs available...