Friday, August 20, 2010

PCK The Movie

After many moons not going to the cinema, I've decided to go catch at least a movie before I get back to work. And the silly me only had this 'urge' of wanting to watch a movie during the last week of my leave. Oh well, otherwise I could've watched more movies free! :)

So to the press preview of PCK The Movie, I went, yesterday. With no other willing partner (hub not a fan of PCK), I went alone to GSC Pavillion. Hah, also my first time at this cinema. So jakun. hehe

Should be screening next week, and if you want to watch end, then read no more. Otherwise I'll just be revealing some parts of it.

Filmed in Malaysia, it captures PCK's childhood and how/why his grandpa says he is a 'sooi kia' (in Hokkien, means a child who brings bad luck) and then he never saw his grandpa again, being told he was already dead, but in fact not. His search for his missing Ma, who upon arrival in KL got 'lost', landed him a renovation job in an old folks home, and having to share this job with his life-long rival, Frankie Foo.

Twists and turns in the story reveals that the boss behind this home is a crook and how it was found out, also revealing that PCK's grandpa is not dead and is actually living in that home. And all this while, his Ma is in the home, staying/visiting his grandpa.

And after a short 'reconciliation' with his grandpa, the short-lived happiness had to end.

Funny in the PCK ways, but touching at the same time, especially the end. Though one or two parts were a bit too long-winded.

For a stingy person like me, to pay RM12 or 13 per person to watch, not too worth it. But since I went for free, no complaints! :) Catch it if you're a PCK fan!


isabelle said...

i baru berangan nak p tengok. sekali mrhubby ckp dia x-la-suka, tapi x-la-meluat.
hmm...nak ajak sapa ye?

Fong said...

hehe... best nyer da g tgk.. da smakin mahal yek... =(

reitak said...

Is, aritu i p weekday pagi2, if not bleh lah ajak Is skali...

Fong, dunno when's my next movie outing, tapi memandangkan dah mahal, ada pass baru pegi lah ;p 'kiam siap' :)