Friday, August 20, 2010

Sugar cane

Haaa notice that? Know what that is?

I love eating sugar cane 'raw'. It's been eons, perhaps about 20 years since I ate it that way, and suddenly this Ramadhan, seeing the sugar cane water stalls selling sugar cane, I was tempted to ask for one length of it. And yesterday, hubby came back with this. I was thrilled and happy but have yet to chew into it yet...tonight will be the night.

Now, how did I come to have that 'eating habit'? When I was a kid, during the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese will pray to the God of Heavens (Tnee Kong) and there will be sugar canes offered. After prayers, my mum used to cut them up into segments (and smaller) and then keep in the fridge. Then, when we felt like it, we'll take it and chew on it. It's really nice, some have alot of juice and some are just hopeless. Not worth the effort.

And I do miss 'eating' sugar cane :) Now, I will re-live this....hehehe

1 comment:

isabelle said...

i love chewing them too. sebab tu la kot gigi kita kuat ekk? hehe.ada kena-mengena ke?