Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka!

There's lots of fireworks tonight and its only 9pm+. It made me wonder why - Raya's not till 2 more weeks, so what could it be? Yes, I was that blur. Haha and suddenly it struck me, tomorrow is our 53rd independence day!

It's just another public holiday for me! :) Yes, this time around, I need and want more holidays! Tired la, the 430 am till 11+pm daily routine. Thank God another 2 weeks left, and I hope by then, AIR2 would've adjusted to 530am instead (my regular time).

Catch me on TV3, NTV7, 8TV and maybe TV9 throughout Sept, in 3 different installments of commercial and public sevice announcement (PSA). RIght now, I don't know the dates yet, but it's scheduled to be sometime this week.

Oh yes, Moi will be on TV again, but this time in a different context. phaiseh-phaiseh (Shy in Hokkien) cos I've not seen the end product myself. 2 of it (1 raya and 1 merdeka PSA) has no dialogue and another themed 'Faces of Malaysia' has a dialogue to it. mmmm I'll try to post some pics of it soon, in another post!


K3vski said...

Wah superstar on TV! Too bad I can't catch them from here.

Fong said...

hey, do post ur pic.. mane tau da make up takleh cam lgsung.. =) great to hear...

reitak said...

KEvin, thanks ;p I'm trying to rec n perhaps post here or FB, but only saw it once yday ;p

Fong, a groupshot where it was not obvious and another 5sec shot closeup of me and my 'doter' at the end :)