Friday, August 20, 2010

Upin & Ipin

How many of you out there with toddlers who love watching this?

I never actually sat down to watch this before (altho its only like 10-15mins per episode), until someone gave hub one set of VCD of this series to watch. And one day, after chancing upon this on TV9 and realising that AIR seemed mersmerized at it, we decided to play those CDs.

Nice short stories which captures the essentials/morals of what they want to portray. And I think the colours, voice and characters do capture these young tods to stay and view.

And now, every so often, AIR would request that we play it for him, although he will sit still for only about 4 -5 episodes maximum, after that he will walk around or do other things, but still refuse to allow us to switch it off.

Guess it'll be more Upin & Ipin next when we go CD shopping ;)


isabelle said...

kat astro kan kenkadang ada...
adam is not a big fan, tapi dia suka la jugak tengok. nmpk gmbr dlm blog ni pun dia dah tegur

reitak said...

aha n of cos TV9.
oh really?heheh comel adam :)