Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yellow yellow

Today I feel ‘yellow’.Yellow Wednesday, I guess.

To make the long story short, I’m so yellow that many have asked if I have Jaundice and some even think I’ve put kunyit on myself! (I used to get this remark quite often when I was much younger, maybe I was less healthy last time ;p)

In my case of Thalassaemia, when I am tired, do not have enough sleep, I tend to be jaundiced. One of the side effects, in my case only. Not all Thalassaemia patients have this same effect. My eyes are also kinda yellow and definitely my face too. Gosh, and I looked kinda yellow in the photo too…

I guess it boils down to waking up at 4+ am (depending on what time baby wakes up for her feed), otherwise the latest is at 445am when I wake up for sahur. Then I don’t go back to sleep because a 20-30min nap with a full tummy gives me a horrible headache and leaves me drowsy the whole morning. Not what I need when I have to drive for 30-45mins to the nursery and work!

Not sure if changing the food I take would help, but I already take my vitamins.

In any case, another two weeks to go and hope I’ll be back to normal. In the meantime, perhaps some exposure to the evening sun might help? Kekeke run baby, run!


Dancing Ciken said...

i wish i can help u out there

take care, c u in newton :D

yatie chomeyl said...

besar2 pon ken ajaundice gak eh? hehe

reitak said...

jaja, thanks, cu then, tapi mesti slow-siput punya...:)

yatie, yup mine is on-off nyer case, so dah immune dah.

Anonymous said...

insyaAllah u'll be ok after this. nanti during hari raya break, have loads of rest & bunch of food.

as for me i got kidney prob, so during ramadhan, its pretty easy for me to get a UTI or kidney infection due to dehydration i think. and this time around with me pregnant & still breastfeeding, it doesnt make it any easier. however, i still soldier on.

so i guess we got our own personal battle during ramadhan kan?

InsyaAllah ibadah di permudahkan if we still usaha to perform it with all out heart.

Fong said...

hey, do rest N get well soon.. =)