Monday, August 2, 2010


Dunno if I should be sad or otherwise cos offically as of today, mum will return to Penang.

It's been 5 weeks (4 weeks full time and another week was on and off) of her helping me recover and get used to having to lil kids now. The last two weeks were filled with emotional turmoils. Hence, dunno if it was sad or otherwise.

However, whatever it was, she meant well and I guess the stress from handling at times two kids with both can be very demanding emotionally and physically. Not to mention mentally too....

It's already 6 weeks into my maternity leave...gosh, time really flies and another week plus to Ramadhan!

It will be quiet throughout the day now, cos it will be just baby and me and the TV. No nagging at me anymore ;p Oh well....and no fighting for the TV at night either :)

THanks Mum for all your hardwork and patience....don't worry, this will be the last 'call of duty' for you! :)


isabelle said...

now i am thinking whether i should get my MIL to look after me during confinement, bcoz FIL has to go for dialysis every 2,3days

Fong said...

hehe.. ade pro N con i guess =) nanti u will be fighting over the tv w ur 2 lil askar =)

reitak said...

Is, adam dulu sapa tolong? whichever comfortable and convenient I guess would be best la kan?

Fong, tu lah...kena standby 2 tv, 2 decoder la kot :) or impose RULES!! hehehe