Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artsy weekend

Because I missed my training, this was what we (AIR1 and I) did on Sunday!
Stamping which ended up erm...but he enjoyed it.
Hand printing was great and he refused to stop. Too bad I didn't prepare proper paper, or he would've have his feet stamped too!


LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

nice..rajin mummy..
si safiya pulak tgh bz buat grafitti..haish mmg susah nak stop.

reitak said...

thanks...mummy feels AIR needs some creative input. dah start he takmo stop pulak...hehe

alamak, hancus, camne dia dpt learn in the first place?

isabelle said...

camna nak make sure baju anak x tercomot masa aktiviti tu?

reitak said...

Is, water colour tu can be washed off.But when he was doing the hand-printing, I took off his baju, after abis trus mandi.
If not, there's a bju available mcm bib-cum-'apron' for kids for this purpose.