Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Jan 2011

New Year's Day - 1Day Out Fun Walk at One Utama

The still-not-so-well me and the pretending-to-sleep-boy in the new jogger! :) (I thought he was asleep until I looked at this photo again and noticed his eyes were not completely shut. I wasn't too well yet but was determined to sweat it out. Hence the jacket (and I didn't really sweat either, funnily) but the shoes....haha running shoes in another car but went in a different one. Oh well, luckily I wore crocs, otherwise mampus-lah!

Lots of activities after that, but will only start at 11am. I was very tired after the 4.5km walk and wasn't in the mood to wait. It was only 9.30am then. And the fact that we had plans for later in the day made me want to just go home and rest the legs as they just felt extremely achy.

In the evening - beach-day! postponed from the day before because I was unwell. His first experience with sand castles etc on the beach. Bagan Lallang beach was so full of people we were surprised.

And the lil' girl who had to enjoy the beach from here instead.

Chasing after soap bubbles and enjoying himself! Luckily he didn't kick up a fuss when we asked him to go shower and go home. He was tired.

It was a good start to the new year.

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