Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awesom-est phone call

AIR1 loves the phone. Give it to him and he'll pretend to be talking to someone. But give it to him when someone is on the other end and he will be silent. If he recognizes the person on the other end, he will smile when he's spoken to. Otherwise he will remain silent.

Today will be my 2nd time on this trip talking to him. The first time, he was silent, as usual. Today, after a while, he interacted with me. I was surprised. Hub has a photo ID of me on the phone, so putting me on microphone, AIR1 could see and hear me, thinking I could the same of him. (But no video call, so I only can hear him ;p)

Then all of a sudden during the conversation when I asked if he did any reading, he went and brought his fav book to daddy and started to want me to read with him. My first phone conversation with him and it felt awesome! Finally at 2. I asked if I could speak to his sister and he asked daddy to 'take me there'. Adorable.

AIR2 squealed in delight and smiled (says daddy) when she heard my voice, not knowing where it came from. When I was 'talking' to AIR2, AIR1 played the baby-toy which had music, danced to it and asked me to see. I could imagine him doing his 'dance'.

And when asked to say goodbye, he waved at me. Ohhhh can't wait to see them three soon!


Fong said...

OMG.. i will cry.. happy tears =)

isabelle said...

how sweet...
xtau nak ckp apa lg

reitak said...

Fong, Is definitely emo lah :)