Sunday, January 16, 2011

The run that didn't happen

Arrrgh! No sweat no fun lah!

All fired up for a run but a disturbed sleep the night before made me lazy. AIR1 woke up and cried for no reason. Gave him milk but that was not what he wanted. He just kept on crying. Not because he was scared but it was a 'just-because' type of cry and he wanted attention. For no apparent reason he just cried.

And so when my alarm went off, I sms-ed Fong to tell her am not going. 30minutes later AIR1 wakes up asking for milk. And I realised it was only 715am. I can still go. AIR1 was happily entertaining AIR2 and playing with her.

Sat up, got AIR1 ready and when I was changing, I realised my knee stil had that nagging on-off tendon pain. When walking it would suddenly be aggravated and I'll be in sudden pain. Since I was ready, and I had errands to run, I took him out anyway. I decided no Bkt Jalil for me lah, though it was really tempting. (All this while I didn't realised Fong had sms to say she's still at home - haha).

Until I reached home, then I realised I could've just gone to BJ for a walk with AIR1 and Fong's family. Oh well....another time lah. And it was such a waste of nice weather today.

No adrenaline rush and I feel unmotivated the whole day! Dang!


Fong said...

always next time.. i paham sgt ur situation =)

reitak said...

after some thoughts, sifu & I think that it was the clip shoes (cos when i was riding, it felt abit weird) and I think my position needs adjusting...still hurts on-off..darn!