Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks!

Many things happened.

Stupid annoying cough just can’t leave me alone!

Woke up on the new year eve holiday feeling down as ever. Head pounding, dizzy and was feverish! Oh boy, there goes plans for the day. At least it was a holiday, no need for last MC of the year, I guess. Then it reminded me of 31st August 2010 when I was also down and out! What’s with these public holidays?

On 31 Dec, I woke up to a pestering lil’ boy who refused daddy’s offer to wash him (and his poo-poo) but insisted that I did. Sat him on my lap (I just couldn’t stand up) talked to him, explained to him and persuaded him to go with daddy. After a while, I plonked him on daddy’s lap and he was fine.

2 hours later I was no better, except I moved from the bed to the sofa. My on-off affair with the TV (dominated by playhouse Disney and the likes) with a slice of bread or two and I fell asleep again. Till lunch. After lunch, I felt slightly better, but 1 hr later, I was zonked out again. Woke up in the evening still no mood for anything. Still not 100% ok.

What a day!

Beach outing for the kids postponed to the nextday.Thought about the fun walk I was supposed to go with AIR1 on new year’s day. Dunno if am up to it. Slept well before new year! Missed all the fireworks which can be seen from the balcony.

And today, 3 Jan my eyes are super-tired, which I've never experienced before. It's literally got its mind of its own. I'm not sleepy, but my eyes are. Serious. And my photos for my other posts are not here so posts delayed ;p

Have a great year ahead!


Fong said...

N Happy New Year to you =)

LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

hepi new year mummy !

Dancing Ciken said...

selamat tahun baru! roger2 i & fong bila kita nak start projek baru nanti ye