Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1 LDU

After much contemplation, I will be in Lahad Datu without AIR2.

Thanks Fong for the effort in helping find the nursery. Managed to go view it and though there were people there, I didn't stop to talk/chat/check with them. It's a proper nursery, I'd consider it when I'm back here again in a couple of weeks' time. But quite pricey too...

Without AIR2 I will have more flexibility in terms of time management and movement. Weather will not be a major concern. Oh yes, if it rains, traffic and time to go fetch her will have to be considered. Who said a small town like LDU does not have traffic jams?

I will also have less things to bring along.

But I will surely miss her laughs and baby talk every morning and night. And her brother's antics band daddy's too.

So far, its been relaxing. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Now let me wake up at 530am for a run tomorrow!


Dancing Ciken said...

AIR2 dah pandai cakap apa? suka jerit2 tak? hahaha

Fong said...

hehe.. jerit2 ke budak skang?? aydeen pun jerit2 kdg2.. hehe.. then suke sigh kuat2.. mase nguap ke, mase baru bgn tdo ke. haha.. cam tak puas ati jer..

reitak said...

jaja, AIR2 pandai baby talk, and sometimes sort-of-jerit, macam very geram...otherwise she can babble for almost 1hr sorang2...;p

Fong, heheh so young sighing already?