Thursday, January 27, 2011

Halal BBQ Meat

The CNY season is here again!

Sometimes looking at some of the delicacies which I have previously enjoyed, I do feel that someone should come up with a halal version. Thank God I don't have that many of those food which I miss, because generally those waxed meat are not my favourite.

However, I do miss the ocassional floss and BBQ meat.

1-2 years' back, there was this outlet DQ Meat which sells halal BBQ meat and floss. Chicken, beef, lamb and some fish products. I was overjoyed. But then again, these don't come cheap. But because of the craving (once a year during CNY not enough, even before this), I will just buy a bit, enough for myself, because hubby doesn't fancy these.

And not too long ago, the DQ meat outlet in MidValley closed down. Kinda expected that to happen. Now I wonder if the stall in Pavillion is still in existance. And so there goes my only source of halal BBQ meat.

Yesterday, suddenly one of our suppliers gave us 2 boxes of halal BBQ meat and guess where they're from? Kyros Kebab! Yipee!! instantly I searched the web for more info, and I will go grab some this weekend! Can't wait. Check them out here.

I'm overjoyed!

BTW, I digress! Where do the chicken floss used in those bakeries which sell buns with floss come from? They're supposed to be halal, so where can I find them? Or IS IT actually halal?


LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

kyros kebab..pergh lama giler xmakan..nyum2..

chic floss if traditional version like serunding u makan tak mummy..itu mmg confirm halal :)

ajjah said...

yeay..! now i have to check out the nearest kyros outlet

reitak said...

LZ, serunding tak setanding floss ;p hehehe

Ajjah, I think the Shah Alam one is still standing. their website is not updated. Sg Wang outlet already closed. :(