Sunday, January 16, 2011


don't ask why my weird expression

My first brick in dunno how long - again! haha...

One week after my first ride, I was fired up to go the distance. Planned with my 'sifu' to start at 730am and though I felt like cancelling, I dragged myself out of bed. AIR2 didn't sleep too well the night before.

I didn't realise my sifu had sent me a text message to say he wanted to postpone. I was reluctant to let the day go to waste so I thought I'd go for a run instead. AIR1 was awake and stuck to me when he sensed I was going to go out and leave him behind.

After some contemplation, I decided biking it will be as I will be running the next day with Fong. And so after some persuasion and crying, I left. Felt so bad I couldn't take him along.

I arrived with a horrible stomach ache but didn't want to waste time. HOped on the bike and left. After finishing, I decided to run. Goodness, it was a horrible transition. Never felt transition so bad before. Ran past Putrajaya Mosque, along the bridge and u-turn at the small roundabout. Saw a few cyclists. On the way back my legs felt better but my tummy was acting up.

Finished and as going back, I had to make an emergency pit stop. My tummy was not going to wait for me to reach home.SOS!!

Had a good ride, though I wished I could've gone further and ran more. But since it's just the begining, I'm contented.


Fong said...

woit..mana gambo sifu?? hehe.. glad u did d brick, at least sumting during weekend kan =)

reitak said...

Sifu wasn't there during brick. It was the week before that he was around :)