Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Traditional Massage long awaited massage - only this time, it's in LAhad Datu.

I couldn't wait any longer. Wanted foot reflexology, but the reflexologist wasn't around and dunno when will be back, so my colleague and I settled for a traditional massage.

Price? RM75 for 1 hr. OK lah, considering the massuer came to the hotel.

My verdict - value for money lah. Enjoyed the back massage and wished it could've been longer. Included abit of foot reflex too but this lady wasn't too good with the feet.Didn't seem to hit the spots :)

Although hub & I have signed up for something back in KL, I just had to have this massage. And somehow the time was right too - I was having some neck/shoulder discomforts these 2 days. It's been months since my last pampering.

Work became sort-of-holiday :)

Rain, please stay away tomorrow morning...if possible, stay away the whole day and come by only at night!


Fong said...

sedapnyer.. tgk gambo pun terasa lega da.. huhu.. i m pining for one, not sure bile ble dpt =)

reitak said...

That's why, tu yg ada chance I grab lah, the next one pikir lain :) hope you'll get yours soon...ker ask fesal je ;p

Anonymous said...

Which hotel do you stay?