Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Putrajaya slow and easy

hmmm superbly small pics. Nevermind. That was where I was, roaming around on the 2-wheels of mine!
Finally my cateye clocked more than a miserable 10km ;p 25km slow and easy ride just to get the feel of things again. Nice gloomy weather, no drizzle and I managed to wriggle myself from AIR1. My 'maiden' ride in 3+ years (last was 2006 Desaru) and 1st in 2011!!
Bike handling? better than 1month ago
Shoes? Still not confident enough to ride with my clips....was in a 'market-going-mode' with my running shoes. Will 'upgrade' this weekend.
Helmet? think it's time to look for a replacement. This baby has cracked from my previous accident.
Outfit? Was wearing my 1st jersey. hahaha Shall not reveal how old that is!
Overall? Now I'm motivated to do more than 25 as the 25 left me asking for more! Due to time constraint and unknown body condition I stopped at 25. Let's head out again this weekend!


isabelle said...

well, u should be proud to reveal the age of the 1st jersey tu... bcoz it shows u can still fit in!

Fong said...

yup yup, totally agree.. =) hehe..

reitak said...

Is, thanks you so much! Morale booster!! hehehe

Jersey tuh, jenis longgar longgar punya ;p


Dancing Ciken said...

helmet first! hihi

welcome back, cant wait, wohooo!