Thursday, January 6, 2011

Price hike?

Has anyone experienced increase in price of food at eateries?

So far not for me. Or perhaps I've been eating at franchised outlets so these places have not increased their prices? Well, I hope there'll be no drastic changes.

For a start, I've not cooked a proper meal yet, since the start of 2011. Reason being I was supposed to be in Lahad Datu and since it has been delayed, everything also kinda topsy-turvy in my fridge. :) So it's been take-aways or the ocassional eating-out for now :) But the urge to cook is a-calling :)

Sleepy, cool, morning! i wish!


ajjah said...

i had one, i ate nasi campur (of ayam goreng and mix vege) for rm7.50
i was like "whattt...????"

isabelle said...

alasan diorg mestilah psl harga minyak naik....

reitak said...

ajjah, really? giler la!!!
is, yup ituler! padahal they use diesel for transport & gas for cooking!