Friday, January 14, 2011

Asrul is 2!

My lame attempt at making healthy and kid-friendly cuppies.

Still tastes ok, but I'm not good at the topping. Plus since for kiddies, I decided to hold off too much of choc or icing and the likes, so just plain writing ;p

The 'blanks' are just fillers so the tray would be full :)

Can't wait for his first birthday do at the nursery. Hope he'll have fun! He came home 4 days ago singing 'happy birthday' after one of his friend's had a birthday-do there. I guess he enjoyed himself.

Mummy & Daddy love you lots and hope you'll grow up to be a good, smart, obedient and be successful in life.


[-suziey-] said...

happy besday asrul..simple but nice cuppies..yg penting rasa umphhh:p

Fong said...

cute.. sure budak2 suke =)

LoveZahra@Fazahra said...

patutla mummy tido lambat smlm ye..
happy birthday Asrul!!

isabelle said...

once dia dah faham makna birthday tu yg seronok nak celebrate tu

reitak said...

Thanks everyone!

suziey, rasa ok je la, tapi kids kan...tak kisah sgt.
fong, bdk2 jilat the words the first thing :)
LZ, oh tak, this was done 2 days before hehe
isabelle, yupyup definitely

Dancing Ciken said...

happy birthday! please asrul, mama nak training ye, hehehe