Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Behaviour

G.I. Joe – My first movie premier (and movie experience) since AIR was born. Yala, how to go to cinema and watch movie with a baby? My intention to take him to watch IceAge3 didn’t materialize so dunno when next I will try again.

Anyway, AIR was left with babysitter, while we had dinner and watched the movie. It was a 930pm screening and well, not bad la overall. The usual techie-stuff and all the CGIs you can get. Story-line, also the same trend that’s getting to all these techie movies now. Overall, ok la. Just that I felt bad leaving AIR for so long with the babysitter (though by 830 or 9pm, he’ll be asleep).

Neway, back to movies and cartoons….I noticed AIR can sit glued to the TV when he watches Spongebob Squarepants. If its Tom & Jerry or any other cartoons or any other animation, I noticed, after few minutes he’ll fidget and then show signs of restlessness.

SO, my conclusion? I loved watching Spongebob and its my favourite since it came to Malaysian waters la (but my all time favourite would still be the Disney classics and Woody Woodpecker and Smurfs). Well, when I was preggy with AIR, without fail, I would be watching Spongebob at 930am every Sunday. Hehehe so I guess that’s why he’s glued to it everytime it comes on.

Another thing I noticed which will capture his attention (on TV) is the fillers for NTV7 and TV3. The one on NTV7 has those purple bubbles thingy popping up and the sound it makes captures his attention. Though the TV3 one is not so much for its graphics, the sound and colour captures his attention. He will stop whatever he is doing (even if he is feeding) and just watch and listen (if the TV’s not within his view). Amazing!

Does maternal habits get passed on? It’s quite hard to justify, and no research has manage to prove this. But here’s another interesting fact about my personal experience.

I like sleeping on my back or curled up on my side. Which side? It depends. If I have the wall on the right, then I’ll be curled to the left, i.e. my back against the wall. Or sometimes, curled to face hubby. So, when preggy, I was usually on my back (until tummy was too big and not advisable to lie on my back only) or curled on my left. Somehow, it’s believed that sleeping on the left is not encouraged, as it ‘cramps’ your heart cavity area. So it may affect your heart. Well, what to do, that was my most comfy position. Now, as soon as AIR can sleep on his side (without our help in turning or positioning him), he always sleeps on his left. When we try to turn him to the right, he will automatically reposition himself. Previously, when he couldn’t, we will let him sleep alternately right and left side.

Is your baby afraid of holding cold items? Ice-cold items especially. Well, AIR loves grabbing cold things. Canned drinks, cups, anything cold we have, and of course, ultimately stuffing them into his mouth or just liking it. He tried to drink it too, but of course we don’t allow. He’s not really afraid of bathing in cold water either. And loves the cold water in the pool. Our conclusion? I used to drink a lot of cold drinks when pregnant. This does not apply to the bathing part though. But as far as I can remember, I didn’t stay away from cold drinks at all while pregnant. For now, we do believe that certain things that I did while I was preggy does get ‘handed down’…

I really wouldn't know how much of it is just purely coincidence or it does get passed down....but then I'm thrilled to know that some of the things I did while pregnant did get passed down. :D

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isabelle said...

ahhh...i too, love cold drinks while preggy. but am not sure whether it is passed down to adam.
recently, he refused to drink the juice for him bcoz he saw my mine had ice in it.

and i sure remember curling with that big tummy, bcoz i am the type who just lie on my back. but when it gets bigger, i had problems to change the habit.