Tuesday, August 4, 2009

King of The Road

I don’t believe it happened again!! I missed another run! This time it was the Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) race in Shah Alam. Aiyoooo….

In fact I was in two minds the day before, but nightfall, I was eager to go. Just that throughout the night, baby was abit restless and so I was awaken acouple of more times than usual, just to calm him down to sleep. And so when baby awoke again, it was 0620 and I guess it was abit too late for me to get dressed, get fueled and get to shah alam by 7am. Gosh, so I missed it again. Darn!! Abit disappointed. 3 races missed, out of which I think this was one I could just go and have fun….yeah, though abit of hills in the route, I’d love to try out running again in Shah Alam. Hmmmm looks like the races will restart only after Raya, i.e. probly earliest also in Oct.

So now I’m set for Pg Bridge Run in Nov, I hope…

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