Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini Cupcakes Revisited

I finally got my recipe right – and so it turned out to be durian & strawberry mini cupcakes..:)

I creamed the butter manually, and somehow I realized its not that easy…but then I told myself that this is easy compared to the usual gym routines. Hehe and so batter was done in no time but it was assembling it into those miniscule cups that took ages. After almost 1.5hrs (I don’t really remember how long exactly) out came 36 mini cupcakes. That’s slow cos my oven is not that big and at one go I can only make 18, that’s 2 trays, so in order to save some time, I fill 1 tray then put it in, then fill the other, and rotate.

So walla....36 pcs appeared...:) *photos later la...*
......2 days later...here are the photos ...the loot almost gone! :D


yatie chomeyl said...

dont forget to put up the recipe also later hehhehe

isabelle said...

cant wait to see the piccas.
lagi best kalo the piccas come with the aroma. hehehe. boleh?

Fong said...

yeke ade gambo? ke sume da habis makan da??

Fong said...

comelnyer cupcakes.. if i, 1 bite settle 1 cupcake

reitak said...

tak sangka ada gak ramai nk tgk cupcake yg tak seberapa ni...:)

Fong, that's the idea la...bite size :)

ok, another post with recipe la..n perhaps aroma :P