Friday, August 7, 2009

What time is it?

I’m in a good mood….YAY! erm, for the whole week so far, but the weird part is somehow I seem to be less focused the whole of yesterday. Weird betul!! Hmmmm I wonder why.

I was just so distracted. Had some reports to prepare but everytime I try to do it, after few minutes, I’m already attempting to ‘tab’ to other pages or the internet to view something else. Adoi. Not to mention at times there were some interruptions la. But the rest of the day after that, was totally out!! Just couldn’t concentrate.

Hah, it was worse after lunch. I had light lunch and well ,1 hour later I found myself trying hard to keep those heavy eyelids propped up. Dang!

Well, Friday’s here and I’m looking forward to the weekend! Though not much planned out, but I guess I do miss spending real quality time with AIR. Barely have time during weekdays cos now with the new babysitter, she’s just a block away from our place, so we will fetch AIR before we reach home. Last time, we will fetch him after work, and during the 30min-1.5hrs journey back, we could still spend some time together. :D (Yeah, it varies depending on traffic condition and the route we take)

This week especially, I think AIR feels rather neglected. We’ve been fetching him late cos of work commitments.

And yesterday, guess what the babysitter said? She told me that by maghrib, AIR will always look towards the door, often, looking and waiting for our arrival. Awwww….. cos at the old place, latest would be by 7.30pm and we would already pick him up….I guess babies can ‘tell time’…..


yatie chomeyl said...

mesti AIR hepi sbb dpt spend more time with mommy & daddy after this :)

isabelle said...

poor little AIR.
wait until he could mumble few words.
he's even scream "Mama! Mama!" happily upon seeing u to fetch him.
that moment is priceless!

reitak said...

Yup, it'll actually be worse to me/us when we fetch him/leave him. Esp if he already can express himself...:(

Weekends are to look forward tooo:D
have a great weekend, mommies out there!!