Friday, August 21, 2009

Merdeka Belly Contest

It's a really catchy title kan? Even when I first read at the organizer's post, I thought it was really cute...

So I decided to join. :D

First, cos I have a cute photo of my belly (heheh perasan cute la, kan) and second I thought of just sharing my feelings then...

Let's see...its my first pregnancy, so naturally, all excited and memang excited la. Every single change to me, my tummy or whatever, I'll be so excited. The tummy grew really slowly...not like what I expected, i.e. to suddenly 'pooof' but up till almost 4 months, I was just merely looking like I ate too much or lack of exercise. By this time (in the photo), I was about 6 months+, and could still fit into my low waist jeans. I was so happy!! kekeke
At almost 4 months, I kept bugging my ObGyn at every visit, wanting to know if it was a boy or girl...couldn't tell until I was almost 20 weeks. I was not hoping for any specific gender, since it will be my first child. It doesn't matter.
At that point of time all I could think of was 'oh I'm gonna be a mummy' ah? I keep asking myself how will I fare as a mum, would I know what to do and how to act when needed? then came thoughts of was it like? how would it be? Could I go through it? I wanted a natural birth.
Memang alot of things were running through my mind constantly...then came names...then came the preparation...
The fact that I had a morning-sickness-free pregnancy made me a very happy person! kekeke I just ate and ate and ate....and just waited for the baby to move, kick, turn, box, tumble and kungfu inside me...and after 39 weeks of waiting, he kungfu-ed his way out, after I watched a kung-fu-based movie...:)
I can't wait to have my 2nd baby....when the time is right.
So, sape2 nak join this contest, please click here.


yatie chomeyl said...

i pon join dis contest..good luck dear

Fong said...

if join contest coz perut boncit ble gak ker???

isabelle said...

hahaha.lawak le fong ni.

good luck, dear!

Anonymous said...

mummy, awat gambar kecik sgt.. kasik zoom in sket arr :). Masa we both preggy asyik xjadi je nak jupe, now i dah tau laa how u look like..hehe. Okla tu still jelita ma,i huduh giler smua kembang dah mcam shrek.

good luck for d contest!!

reitak said...

Fong, takan la buncit sampai gitu?? kekeke u ni takde 1 ounce of fat pun!!

Zilla, hehehe saja nk kasik small je.kang my pewut bigger than Pooh's :D

thanks & good luck to u all toooooo