Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breaking Fast!

Yummy! My first buka puasa meal this year was at Deli france. Hehehe sorry la no photos but we had a blast!

I think the Ramadhan set menu was really worth it. For RM15.90, I got 1 starter (it was some kind of puff, yeah puff pastry), 1 main and 1 desert (bread pudding with date) and 1 drink (cincau with root beer). It was yummy…there were 4 types of mains to choose from. Hubby had the lamb shank and it came with soup (no, not part of the set menu) and I literally was filled to the brim.

So on the 2nd day we decided to just have it at home. Tapau-ed some food from the nearby bazaar and had our fill too. It was our first time going to this bazaar in Cheras cos we just moved there. And well, desserts were pricey but the rest were reasonably priced.

And on the 3rd day, we finally went to the TTDI bazaar. Somehow I wasn’t too impressed, I dunno, could be I was having a splitting headache and it was unbearably hot out there. Or perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood. I dunno.

Maybe today we’ll try again or perhaps try the one at Sg. Penchala. Hmmmm it’s only lunch time and I’m writing about food. But I’m not thinking about it or feeling hungry though.

Time seems to be flying by…


Fong said...

wei.. teruk betol minah ni.. semua makanan da masuk perut, tak sempat tgkp gambo lar tu.. =)

isabelle said...

hmmm..now i'm feeling to go there for buka puasa too.