Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Cupcakes

Darn!! No pics!!

In my rush trying to get those cupcakes done, Iforgot to take photos of them.

OK, things seemed simpler this time. erm, perhaps I was getting the hang of it? hehehe cam terror la pulak, kan?

I'm not sure actually how large those cupcakes were supposed to be in the recipe, but I wanted mine mini. yup, bite-size-like and it turned out to be just as I wanted. I was happy, considering the fact that I didn't 'cream the butter and sugar' like the recipe called for, and I did it my way.

I wasn't dry or hard like my previous attempt. I made plain vanilla cupcakes as I didn't want to buy ingredients for the frosting, not knowing if my cupcakes would turn out fine. If it didn't, then those would just go to waste.

The best part was, halfway preparing th ingredients, I heard a cat meow-ing away somewhere 'behind' or nearby..I thought perhaps this 'lost' cast was nearby outside (where it was the night before). Realizing the main door was opened, I quickly went to shut it, not wanting it to trespass. I was in the kitchen, baby sleeping in the room. And no one else was around. And after a while, I heard the meow again. I turned, and saw it was starring back at me from the small 'store' behind me. Alamak!!

I tried to lure it out (I dislike cats), but I guess I wasn't being nice enough to encourage the poor frighten cat out from its 'hiding'. So in the end, I shut the door to the store to keep the cat in. I was afraid it may roam around and mess up my house. I was too busy trying to bake ma! haha

So I texted hubby and told him he had a task when he comes back later.

Then I continued with baking and 'House'.

I realise i tend to not fill the cups enough in my 1st attempt. 1st attempt - 2 trays of 9 pcs each. 2nd attempt - 1 tray of 9 pcs, and 1 tray of 4 pcs. hehehe imbalances but this one reaped slightly larger ones. And I added some 'tiramisu' flavouring to it. But then I can't taste the difference la. hmmm so much for that extra flavouring :D

So, back to cupcaking - now that i can do it ok, I guess mini cupcakes would be one of the items i'll make for Raya! hahaha erm, wait, I need to make it more interesting with cute frosting la. errrrr perhaps next attempt! :D

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