Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CUlinary skills....

So finally after goodness knows how many months after buying the oven (I think it was waaaaaay before I delivered), I made good use of it.

There was grilled lamb, ala my style….then there was the long-awaited cup cakes. Hmmmm looks quite ok la, but abit dry. I had two trays, so I had to bake it twice. Second batch turned out hard, i.e. not so nice la but 1st batch wasn’t too shabby. Choc powder and chips were just normal hypermarket brand ones but they turned out to be better than I expected it to be. Hmmm looks like I don’t have to buy those expensive ones to make it taste any better.

Those were the so-called medium sized cupcakes la. So this coming weekend, I will try to make those miniature ones. Yup, bite-size ones. Can’t wait. I didn’t do it yesterday cos I didn’t have proper weighing scales. And somehow I didn’t get my vanilla essence yet for this mini ones, I plan to make them plain, so I can have frosting on it.

We’ll how the new ones go….yumyum..can’t wait. Hahaha perasan right?


isabelle said...

wow! not bad ehhh?
perhaps soon, after a few trials...u'll be fond of baking.

reitak said...

I'm actually fond of baking, but no sambutan, i.e. no guinea oink oinks to help finish, esp cakes.
Cookies at least there are....

Hope to get it right next time, so can giveaway some :D