Monday, May 10, 2010

1Superkids Gathering

Hmmm I was quite dissapointed when it rained the whole morning. But I welcomed the cool change. Then I thought about the gathering. I hope it wasn't going to be a wash-out.

Packed stuff, AIR and mum all along. Drove there and was saddened that it was still drizzling.

Mum & AIR waited in the car while i went to register. Browsed around, 'witnessed' the birthday singing/cake cutting etc but when I asked mum if she wanted to look-see-look-see, she didn't want. Plus I wasn't keen on taking AIR out in the drizzle.

But, Isabelle, I actually saw u, tapi u were kinda busy chatting, and I felt bad to interrupt la. :) Perhaps at another gathering?

I didn't stay long enough to 'feel' the atmosphere and get to know more blogging mums out there!

But am looking forward to the next gathering!

Happy Mothers' Day to all again!

1 comment:

oli said...

saya nampak nama u masa register...tercari-cari u...tapi tak nampak u...[actually kalau nampak pun, tak semestinya i cam pun...hehehehehe]