Monday, May 17, 2010

What? How much again??

It's been ages since I actually paid to watch a movie.
When I was pregnant with AIR, hubby had a cinema press pass, which was valid for all movies at that particular cinema and it was free. So at that poin of time, since I was 'grounded' from all sports/streneous activities, all I (we) did was watch movie. No training, no racing and it was movie watching. Until it came to a point where we ran out of movies to watch.
Those were the days. Up till recently, when after 2 renewal cycles, we didn't have that privilege anymore. Not that we got to watch that often also already, with AIR around.
So planning for a movie outing, I just browsed GSC's website and was so surpised to find out that it now costs RM14 to watch a movie!! Boy oh boy, how much ticket prices have increased! The last I think I actually paid for a movie, a regular ticket was perhaps RM10 or was it RM11 at the most. And now it is RM14
And I thought movies before 6pm on weekdays were valid for all, and not just senior citizens and students...hmmmm *digging and checking to see if my student pass is still around.....or valid ;p*
Alamak! So ketinggalan zaman!! *shy*


isabelle said...

reitak, i balik penang baru ni tengok iron man rm6 jer. hehehe. ingatkan kena p kat cathay/panggung cheok sah ke utk dpt rate murah...rupanya cineplex pun kasi wednesday rate, wpun citer grand mcm iron man tu.

reitak said...

really? adoi...nampaknyer kena wed gak la...otherwise have to fork out double la :(
mmmm baru ingat nk terjah the cinema...keke

LoveZahra said...

mummy really hoh..mahainyerr...ada GST ker..almaklumler kite pun dah lama x menonton..ish..ish..

Fong said...

watch only on Wed =) its half price saja.. terpakse lar kite cari pirated stuff =)