Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food and Mother's Day!

I was babbling away yesterday but I never posted up that in my blog. Hah!

Today, am I at it again? Kekekeke

Was looking for a nice pic to put up, tapi tak jumpe. The nicer ones had me making weird mouth & funny faces or it was blur. Hmmm

So, what’s up for Mother’s Day? Oh yes, the gathering at Superkids!! Will be there. But the day before, I’ve booked a Dim Sum breakfast for my mum & myself (hubby outstation) and of cos AIR. Ahhhhh can’t wait. I’m thinking of the Lor Mai Kai, steamed lamb (ala ‘pai kuat’) and the chicken feet. Kekekeke it may follow with dinner with relatives after…oh well, we’ll shop it off after that!

Gosh so much eating! No wonder tummy now expanding. At times, when Jr kicks, I feel like my tummy is bursting. Especially when Jr does the slow s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Adoi!!

Guess it'll be a rather quiet Mother's Day except for the eating!


isabelle said...

c u live at the 1superkids family day nanti ye?

Fong said...

i miss the lohmaikai as well.. also all sorts of dimsum.. hehe... tamak, sume nak try.. see how asrul react to d tiny dimsum..hehe..