Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reminiscing Jan 14th 2009

What do you on on a night when there's nothing much on TV, AIR's asleep, hubby went out for a while and 32 weeks along on your 2nd pregnancy?

Well, I was looking at photos of the night when AIR decided to greet the world. Oh yes...some of the photos were still on the camera, 1 year 4 months plus on, and the whole lot of it are saved in the lappy. And so, here I am going through all of those.

fresh from the oven

And I'm wondering how different would #2 be? #1 was full of uncertainties, of course, it's my first and things I read about, well, some of it I didn't even go through it at all. I didn't experience morning sickness, Braxton Hicks contractions, bloody show or whatever not! I was itching alot during the initial stages and had a more or less problem-free pregnancy. I missed training, but I was having a whale of a time watching movies every other day, for FREE. Until the night after watching Ip water bag leaked when I was about to go to sleep. THen the drama began....lasted for a good 23 hours.

So now I'm wondering how this will be like. Though my gynea has plans to induce me a couple of days before my EDD (as I may need transfusion, from #1, though I was transfused at week 36, by week 39 I was low again, at 6.4 only), I'm hoping that I'll get to go through a problem-free delivery.

Both pregnancies were enjoyable for me, aside from the fact that I was at times more tired than I would want to be. It's not easy when hemoglobin count was hovering around 6.4 - 7 mg (during #1) and 5.4 during #2 (until I got transfused at week 20 and it was 6.5). I could eat all I want without worrying about gaining weight.

I wonder how my next few weeks would be like. I'm partially excited, partially afraid. I keep thinking if I'd be able to go through the pain once again. I went through a normal delivery without epidural. Though I can't remember the extend of the pain now, but I do remember it being very painful. Painful enough for me to tell hubby ''s going to be at least another 30mins to 1 hr before baby comes!! Why soooo looong???' And then me telling baby in my heart 'Faster la....' :) And then after more of less 30 painful minutes, and 3 tries, finally AIR greeted us.

And the anticipation starts now.....


isabelle said...

a'ah kan..dekat2 nak bersalin, mesti cuak. kena pulak tunggu dlm labour room tu, jemu dengar heartbeat dug-dug-dug smpi beberapa jam.
nanti u plan nak deliver kat mana?

Fong said...

hihi.. cam berdebar debar jer... =)

reitak said...

Isabelle - yup, worse was I was kinda stuck on the bed then cos waterbag dah leak...

SDMC (SJMC dulu) again. Same place, same gynea...same room, perhaps? kekeke

Fong - biler nothing to do tu, then my mind starts thinking about it. Otherwise, cool je ;p

Dancing Ciken said...

bestnye nak dapat baby lagi. masa i pregnant, i betul2 enjoy. just think happiness and we'll be ok

i pun nak lagi satu, tapiii hmmm nanti dulu lah, hahaha