Monday, May 17, 2010

Pasta Carbonara

I love creamy pasta and the easiest and yummiest of all (from my point of view) is the carbonara.

Many tries of many different recipes but they all don't taste as good as the ones you get when you have to pay lots of $$$. Or is it that my cooking is horrible? Until I chanced upon this recipe. Somehow those that use milk and add eggs didn't turn out as nice as I expected it to be. This recipe (unfortunately I can't get the link again) uses cream and no eggs (ideal for preggies) and turns out superb. The orignal recipe for carbonara uses milk and eggs but there have been many variants to it and this happens to be one which Chef Wan cited and now I love it.

Aaaaah can't wait to sink my teeth into it again lunchtime today!

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isabelle said...

kebetulan pulak! i pun tgh terbayang nak mkn carbonara japgi. tapi keta xde la...kena cari colleague la, jadi mangsa tolong drive...ehehe