Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Newton 12/25km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Kinda ambitious but I've signed up for it. Only the 12km, though. First race of the 'season'.

It would be after Raya, and approximately 2 months after baby arrives. Dunno where and how to find time but will try. From previous experience, in 2 months, I've not even attempted further than 5km daily. So lets see how this would go. Two in tow and 12 to go! :)


isabelle said...

rajinnya u!!! i yg x pregnant ni pun xde hati nak join..hahaha. bagus la u nie.

Fong said...

sure ble =) gambate =)

reitak said...

Isabelle, its my passion sebab tu nak buat jugak...:) making sure I get back on track ASAP. ;) thanks!

Fong, year end nanti la kita slow2 race lagi...k?