Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yahoo! New place found!

Good morning, folks!

Haha, sounds like I’m in a superb mood ei? Well yes. Because….AIR is going to a new sitter.

Well, my mission that day was partially accomplished only. So yesterday hubby helped in accomplishing it. Yeah, I couldn’t find the place and at that time AIR wasn’t in a very good mood so I was kinda ‘disturbed’ while trying to find the place. Another reason was I wanted hubby to evaluate it…am not very good at evaluating the kampong areas. Biased I may sound, but sometimes I just find it erm, messy and not so safe?

So when hubby called to confirm the address and location, he said this ‘The place seems very messy’ referring to the housing scheme. It’s unlike the usual kampongs but it’s got one lot with few houses in that lot. And in the middle is a field/play area or whatever you wanna call it. And I was thinking – oh no, now I have to hunt for another place again….so June sounds impossible…

And when he got home, he said despite the outlook of the approach and narrow roads, the lady and her house seemed nice. I felt a nice warmth knowing I could send AIR to her now! And hubby seemed to think it was a better place. They do have simple classes and teach simple doa to the kids. There’s only 1 baby at the moment (sounds good) and few toddlers AIR’s age and few more on transit who are kindy-going. 3 care-givers. So I’m fine with that ratio.

Only thing – have to pick him up at 6.30pm. But I think for next month and the coming months when baby arrives, it shouldn’t be a problem. Except maybe when it rains.

Then comes the difficult part – how to tell that makcik? This morning I told her I won’t be sending AIR to her tomorrow and Friday cos we’re going back to Pg. Now, maybe I’ll use the excuse that my mum will be around and so she will take care as of June (partially true, mum will be here for a week). Hmmmm let’s see how this goes this evening :)


isabelle said...

get ready utk kena tempias mcm i kena "nape x ckp awal2? bla..bla..."

air must be happy at the new place. now i'm worried kalo adam nangis on the first day at the new taska.

yatie chomeyl said...

hope AIR likes his new place

Fong said...

hihi, hope everything turns out well =)

reitak said...

Yeah, I hope he will like it too and not cry. At least ada kawan2 to keep him 'entertained/occupied'.
Kecian la when I see him entertaining himself with minimal things and then he will follow the makcik around the house only.

Viviana said...

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