Monday, May 3, 2010

Crocs oh Crocs

There was a warehouse sale and this time it was in Ikano. Since it’s just opposite my office, I decided to pop by during lunch on Friday. It wasn’t at its outlet, but there was another space, huge but also full!

When I went in, I noticed the checkout was as horrendous and the people trying to looks at the display while shouting out sizes to check its availability. Price – have to ‘shout’ to check with the person behind the counter too. I thought to myself that it shouldn’t be too expensive la…the one last year was held at their warehouse but didn’t have that many shoes, esp for women.

So grabbed 2 Mary Janes in 2 diff sizes (padahal I was wearing one myself and could’ve just checked its size) and another 2 newer designs for kids. There was baby wear as well, and got some good deals there too (thank God, otherwise my waiting time at the checkout would’ve been not worth it at all). Men's shoes were all in 'gigantic' sizes. Those beach-sandal type (the croc signature design) which I don't mind having another cos its really lasting, were all out. hmmmm

Queuing in front of me was a lady with a stroller and she told me of her experience the day before (yeah, started a day ago and I didn't know). She mentioned that those 2 kids’ shoes I took were roughly RM60 and RM80 each…I’m like WHAT? Ok, I dropped them while queueing…so end up 1 pair of MJs at RM40 (which is good deal, but too bad the other colours were out of my size) and some baby stuff as gifts and for myself.

And now I've got a RM20 voucher valid only at the Ikano retail outlet which expires today....mmm looks like I'm goin back there to scout around to see if anything tickles my fancy.

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isabelle said...

if u say so, i'd say "sib baek i x pegi..."
hehehe.1, sbb i suka crowds. 2, sebab i think it's still expensive.