Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bumbu Desa vs Waroeng Ayam Penyet

Relatively new outlet in Curve. Seen it few times but haven't tried it out.

First impression - it looked like a buffet setting, but actually its more or a 'nasi campur' kind of setting. Dishes are displayed but after you have chosen they will prep/heat it for you. There's also a menu for the displayed dishes and other sides and drinks.

From the display, it looked just like dishes you'll get at the Waroeng Penyet or even Wong Solo. Aside form the array the chillies (3 types), patin asam peda and another variety of rice, the rest looks quite typical of the menu you'll get at Wong Solo. I wasn't too impressed.

Quite pricey.

Taste? We (Mum and I) had ayam bakar (tasted like the one in Wong Solo except its slightly bigger), gado-gado (better at Wong Solo) and fried baby kailan (nothing to shoult about). My verdict - the only plus point is that the portions are catered for the number of people, unlike in Wong Solo where you have small and medium only (or was it medium and large) or the Waroeng.
Variety? They have a few varieties of chicken and fish preparation. Compared to the other 2, better.
Price? Waroeng is still the cheapest among these 3.
Ambience? This place is quite nice tho abit dark, but tables are a tad too small, the indoor is quite warm and congested.
Service? Amidst lunch time and they can tell you the soup has finished and the kangkung is not ready (though the display is set, without the vege). The crew are all indons and do not speak our Malay at all (or even a little). So if people like my mum go there alone, she will have no idea what they are blabbing about.

My point is, I wouldn't go back there again on my own or recommend it to people. Yes, that's true because there's nothing to shout about at all.

Now I digress. If at work, then I'll choose Waroeng (its just one floor above Bumbu). If I'm at home, it's closer to go to the Ampang outlet of Wong Solo (there's another in Kg. Baru).

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