Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paid holiday anyone?

I find it so annoying. Talk about low tolerance. Oh yes!

For the past few weeks, almost everytime she asks me about my pregnancy, she will also add (in Malay), ‘Will you still be sending Asrul here when you deliver?’ and of course everytime, my answer will be ‘yes, of course’.

Today she asked the same thing again. Hinting again that she wanted a break, perhaps for a week. Some more she wants a paid leave...;p (If I don't send to you on the basis that I am away etc, then it's ok...but you asking me to give you a break and pay for it? I dah mula berkira because there was another incident just before CNY)Oh, 5 months ago, you were like a heroin, wanting to ‘show off’ and say that taking care of 3-4 kids is not a big deal. She’s taken care of more before. I guess she didn’t realize age has set in and things have changed.

So my respond to her this time was ‘If Asrul’s dad is working, then he will send Asrul here. Otherwise he will be at home.’ And in my heart, I was thinking to myself, ‘Since you want this break so much, I’ll let you have a break beginning June. A long break indeed.’ No, I’ve not given her that piece of news yet. We’ve yet to finalize stuff with the new sitter. And so many things are going on this week. And I’ll be off to Penang on Thursday, so I better get this going quick!!

Her drive to ‘suffer’ (of course she didn’t use that word), as she related to me was the fact that if she didn’t babysit, she would just be sitting at home doing nothing (other than just looking after her 4 month old grandson now). So she might as well, do something (thinking it was easy) and at least have some $$ coming in.

Well, I guess $$ is the root of all evil. I feel bad in a way, but at the same time, I cannot be thinking about other people, compromising my own family. Especially the little one. Not a chance.


isabelle said...

ahh..pretty similar to my case.
rasa annoyed betul dgn org money-oriented nie!!
u better finalize betul2 the new place for AIR & the little one very soon. i dah nekad, mgu dpn i start hantar!!!

Mommy Lyna said...

i opened ur comment box suddendly lupa apa yang patut i tulis :P

omg omg

reitak said...

ISabelle...ah ha...I pun aim June dah tuko.
Yours dah finalize? Hope Adam likes it.

Mommy Lyna, it happens ;p keke

Dancing Ciken said...

ada juga yang selalu nak minta advance je

kalau ofis u ada provide taska, mungkin senang juga

reitak said...

oh ye? sib baik lum come across lagi...truk gak kan?

tuler, opis population not enough kot. Ramai bujang2 ;p urs ada ek?

Dancing Ciken said...

yup my ofis ada provide taska, gomen lorrr :p

tapi baby tinggal kat rumah, ada upah helper (yang dah lama kerja dengan hubby's family). rasa lapang jugak bila balik rumah, baby dah mandi/tidur dan rumah pun kemas :D