Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Ray of Light

Finally a ray of hope and change for lil’ AIR.

The new nursery can still take him in, but I’ve yet to view the place or see the care-givers. Oh yes, that’s particularly important. But at least now there’s hope for change.

I’ve been wondering what goes on in that little mind of his when he’s being left alone in the sitter with no toys, no books nothing to entertain him except older people and another boy 9 months old. At home, when my mum sometimes comes over and looks after him, apparently he keeps himself occupied going through his books, nursery rhymes and toys. And sometimes insists on playing (or banging) the piano. (I’m so happy that he seems to like it, though it’s not much at this stage)

I wonder if there was any beneficial interaction, other than some basic communication.

Oh dear, I think I’m just rambling on and on about the negative points….well, I shouldn’t do that, though it’s good to look at it once in a while. I’m not happy with the cleanliness, i.e. how the drinking bottle is being kept ‘clean’ and how sometimes the unworn clothes/diapers are kept together with the used/soiled/wet stuff. I mean that’s basic, right?

Oh well, keeping fingers crossed and praying that if this change happens, it will be good for all of us.

I guess am kinda at my wits end already, trying to close one eye and not see all that, but right at the back of my mind, I just can’t seem to let it go. I need (yeah it’s me, more than AIR) that change, because I WILL be sending the younger one soon too. I can’t imagine feeding milk to a 2month-old using a bottle which is not properly cleaned!!! Arrrgh!

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