Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pouch, wrap, sling, carrier?

Contemplating having a baby sling/wrap/pouch/carrier.

I bought a cheap one for AIR. However, cheap it was, hence it didn’t provide the back support for the carrier (i.e. the mum/dad carrying the baby). Only used it once. I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of support that it gave the baby either.

At about 3-4 wks old, we tried putting him in a sarong, i.e. improvised sling but he squirmed so much, we took it that he didn’t like it. He probably felt claustrophobic or perhaps since my body is always naturally warmer than usual, he didn’t feel confortable.

Now am thinking of these options again as when baby #2 comes along, it’ll be easier for me to have at least both hands free. Convenience sake. But dunno how long I'll stick to using it. Or if baby would like it. Not keen on those very expensive ones, i.e. Mei Tais and those super expensive slings. I saw videos on wraps and I think they are fairly simple to put on. But gosh, the cloth around my body – it’ll be hot for me too. Hmmm we’ll have to see.

Am going back to experiment with AIR, though BIG, these are supposed to be able to carry up to 30lbs or so. Just hope my tummy won’t get in the way! :)

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