Thursday, June 3, 2010

430 am?

Strange. For the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up at 430am or 5am and not being able to go to sleep again. Only once or twice I managed to continue. Usually its 530am.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be glad to don my running shoes and perhaps go for a quick run or something, but not at 34 wks pregnant! ;p so what should I do? Read, try to be as quiet as I can preparing and eating my breakfast (the microwave doesn’t do justice at times, though) and pray that after I finish all my tasks only will the lil’ one wake up. Oh yes, he’s an early riser. And talk about wanting to have as much rest before the next arrival! :)

AIR wakes up between 530am to 630am. Hence, I’ve always made it a point that I have to be earlier than him. But for the past 2 weeks, this is impossible! By 11pm I’m all ready to ZZZzzzzz….no fun la, watch Desperate Housewives pun can’t finish the last 15minutes. Watch CSI also the same. Crap!


Fong said...

hihi.. ada rerun desperate hw on friday, tp lambat gak =) make sure u get up early after deliver, so the running shoe thingy can materialize

reitak said...

ya, but always forget the reruns ;p

after deliver....not immediately la i suppose but oh yes, in the long run, definitely.... zaman pre-baby 530am mmg dah awake dah.... hope to get into it again!

isabelle said...

mcm sama je dgn i..tgk CSI & desp hsewives mesti sambil tersengguk2.
tapi i ada desp hsewives latest seasons ni... cuma i yg tengok sikit2.hahaha.nak ke?

p/s: maybe u shud try petua yg i bagi surah an-nas tu

reitak said...

Thanks Is.
Tu ler, after posting this, saw urs...mmg nak try la :)

Aritu balik pg teringin nak beli gak, but decided to just watch the weeklies on TV. keke if tak sempat, bleh pinjam tak? :)

Dancing Ciken said...

hahaha sama ler kita. i asyik miss cite house je. by 9pm completely pengsan dengan baby atas katil, zzZZzz...