Thursday, June 10, 2010


We were late yesterday in fetching AIR from the nursery.

When I arrived, sitter#3 was carrying him while sitter#2 told me that AIR actually mistook sitter#3 for me. Then I looked at her and realised, yeah, she's about my size, wears specs (I do, esp at home) and she's also pregnant. However, I was told that when she took off her head scarf, he reliased it wasn't me and started to cry. Oh, poor boy! I felt so bad. The other kids were already long gone by then, that's why I supposed he wanted to manja with someone.

It probably happened not too long before I arrived. I tried to pacify and pujuk him. I asked him to sayang me, he did but it seems kinda half hearted. Perhaps he was tired, or perhaps he was really upset. I asked him to give me a '5'. He did it emotionless-ly.

Oh well, what to do. It wasn't planned that we would be late.


isabelle said...

kesian AIR. adam pun pernah tsilap org..kat malls ke, klinik ke.. tapi i gelakkan dia lps tu.hehehe. notty mummy kan

Fong said...

hehehe.. klako plak dorg ni =)