Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you waddle?

No offence to anyone, but I’m curious, seriously. Why do pregnant women waddle (walking abit like a duck)when they walk?

Not all do that. It happens when most are already very late into their pregnancy (this one I understand) but there are some cases when it’s barely even-there and they waddle or hold on to their tummy as though it was about to drop!

After 2 pregnancies, I still can’t figure out why those not-yet-due ones do that. During my 1st, I never understood it at all, because I was relatively small, even up till I delivered. This time, I’m slightly larger and my tummy seems to be lower and hence I find sometimes my strides can be different and it can be obstructing. But then, I’m still not waddling about nor am I clutching or holding on to my tummy as though it’s going to fall.

But seriously, I’m curious. Why do people do that? Is it because it’s easier to walk? Or do they have some history of the tummy causing backache, hence ‘holding’ it would help slightly (like the function of a maternity support belt)?
* erm, I'm not very sure but I think the pic I've used courtesy of google seems rather familiar....apologies if its similar to one that one of you mommy-bloggers may have used ;p *


Dancing Ciken said...

i pun, tak tahu kenapa. lagi nak dekat, lagi la terkedek2 i berjalan. dah cuba untuk jalan macam normal, tapi lagi cepat mengah & asyik nak pergi toilet je

or maybe kita duk fikir kepala baby kat bawah kot? so mesti kepala baby tergeleng2 kiri kanan if kita jalan terkedek2 :p

isabelle said...

dlm pada i xnak announce lagi kat semua org kat fac tu, i sometimes find myself doing that thing masa berjalan sorg2. agak2 ada org perasan x?
i guess, it helps to soothe kot. wpun barely there, tapi kdg2 rasa mengah tu mmg dtg dr perut, tu yg pegang perut (err..buleh terima ke alasan ni?)

reitak said...

Jaja, oh camtu ek? maybe it balances our perut ke depan and make it easier to jalan gitu kot... yeke? (my theory je la) kekeke the kencing part tuh - somehow not very trur

Is, if pegang perut, maybe org prasan la kot, tapi tak brani nk tanya...;p Perhaps its a comfort thing? hmmm

Fong said...

hihi.. maybe its d alignment?? i waddle da, coz kaki skt.. gatal nak g jog..huhu...