Monday, June 7, 2010


How young should we start brushing our kids’ teeth?

I always pondered on this question as it was a difficult task trying to get the finger brush into AIR’s mouth since young. Since he was a rather late bloomer, I was taking it easy. Until recently.

At 16months old, he’s got 4 upper front teeth and 3 lower ones. And one more just beginning to pop out below. But I noticed, the 4 top and bottom front teeth were quite nice. But those beside these were not so. Then, I saw that there was a slight yellow tinge on one of it!! What?! I was kinda surprised.

I’ve already bought him a toothbrush and toothpaste which allows to be swallowed. So one day when mum was around, she tried. And he loved it. I guess after a couple of times seeing how I brush he kinda thought it was fun. Though 50% of the time he’ll be chewing on the toothbrush, but I suppose this is a start.

Coincidentally an article on teeth and brushing for babies/toddlers was also on this month’s ‘Young Parents’ magazine. Looks like my choice of products were quite ok afterall.


[-suziey-] said...

waa bertarung nyawa nk ask aQeel brush his teeth..ekekek:p but now dh ok..alhamdulillah

reitak said...

hehe tu ler, at first I thought mmg susah, cos masa nk use finger brush tu, mmg susah, siap gigit sakit nk mampos!

lama2 diorg paham la kan...

isabelle said...

hoh? that easy?
my adam jenuh kena gonyoh dgn i everytime masa mandi.
tapi sibuk lak dia ckp..."mama, brush ur teeth!"


reitak said...

Is, hahaha so cute...
can't wait for AIR to speak full (or longer than 1 word) sentences