Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New place...

Everything else can wait....stories of the weekend can wait....I'm just so happy to see AIR taking it really well at the new place just now.

He smiled and immediately wanted to be carried by the new sitter. I was totally surprised. He was almost going to 'salam' but then got distracted by another toddler. I guess the fact that there were few other kids there made him more happy. He has friends now.

But the funny part was that, when I was about to leave, he seemed to sense it and came and wanted to manja with me. And of course when I left, he did cry la...I believe its quite normal for the first time. Will see how things go at the new place and hope its for the best.

The best part was, they even recommended the house opposite, if I wanted to send my baby to a less crowded place. Well, that is to be considered later, but for now, lets just see how things go at the new place.

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[-suziey-] said...

ouh dok kt bb sit baru yek..glad to hear baby seater tu ok :)