Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 June 2010

This will be the day...check in at 9am and let the show begin.... ;p

My gynea will be away from Thursday (24th) onwards for about 2 weeks, and from the check up on 22nd, I'm already 2cm dilated. We don't think AIR#2 can wait so long, so tomoro, I'll be induced.

Now this is a totally different experience as now I know what and when it will happen. As I am writing this, I feel mild period-pain sensations, and from previous experience, at this point of time, strapped on the CTG, there was mild (yes, very mild) contractions also. It's really weird and different now, in the sense that it was all a surprise the last time, and now, I am experiencing 'things' for the first time - sort of lah. PReviously, I was already in the labour room, not walking around and just waiting and waiting and waiting for the 'show'.

Today, I've eaten all that I think I would miss for the next one month (includes iced-coffee, tea, durian, fries from a certain fast food outlet and vanilla coke), done some last minute shopping for AIR#1's stuff and stuff I may need for the next one month.

Yes, I do feel abit different in the legs (like high-lactic-acid built-up sensation) when I walk alot and a slight achy-feeling on the waist when I sit/lie down. Not noticeable until 2 days ago.

So, bags packed and mum's on the way here.

Not to mention that the encounter with CIMB bank this morning was an experience (will blog about this later and will be lodging a complaint to the HQ and the press)!

Anyway, praying for a smooth delivery and healthy, bubbly baby! :)

Good night! (will try to get some sleep!)


Anonymous said...

i pray for a smooth delivery & health for both of you.

its good to banyak jalan b4 masuk labour.

fighto!! fighto!!

Fong said...

Auwww... so mendebarkan.. smooth delivery ya =)

[-suziey-] said...

uiks nk deliver dh ek..aiyoooo sakitnya nk induce..xpe take it easy..hope everything goes well..pray to Allah a lot...take care:)

reitak said...

thanks everyone...

eh sakitker induce? same je to me...1st one pun gitu tp sebab my waterbag leak, bb dah berak but i wasn't dilated...