Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dim Sum galore

That was Round #1...the must haves :)
Round #2 - forgot to take photo, mostly fried stuff
Round #3 - not so many but there were a few more
There were few more rounds, (well technically not rounds cos we only took one or two additional at one time) which this time was significantly less than the one we had on Mother's Day. Tummy no space already :)
Planning/Scheming for another trip there preferably before D-Day! :)


Fong said...

fathers day coming up.. hint hint.. ajak g mkn dimsum though dad tak prefer, janji kite dpt mkn.. hehe..

isabelle said...

i realize u love dim sum so much eh?

reitak said...

Fong - Dad not here. by the time he comes, I dah confinement :P oooo u meant hubby? for sure he taknak la...

Is - kinda..but diff and expensive to find halal ones :)