Monday, June 7, 2010

What would happen if....

Seriously, today I got worried. Why? All of a sudden, after lunch, my tummy made funny noises (its actually from the tummy la) and then JR started to move a lot. Slow but strong movements.

Perhaps the sambal from the nasi lemak combined with the nice cold milo wasn’t so soothing as it would have been for my tummy than her. :)

And then subsequently, JR’s occasional movements were very strong and erm different from usual or even when I was carrying AIR.

Strange things crosses the mind when the time draws nearer, I guess.

Previously I also didn’t experience any contractions prior. Nor did I have any ‘show’. Hence there’s no way foretelling the ‘arrival’.

I just wonder what would’ve happened if I really had a waterbag leak during office hours? Toilet’s so far away and I’ll probably leave a trail. Hahahah OMG!!! I can’t believe that I’m saying and even thinking of this!


[-suziey-] said...

hiks..nk gelak plak baca..erkk sorri..hehe..take care ok

Dancing Ciken said...

mama ni ganas sangat kot

isabelle said...

i dulu pun pernah fikir mcm tu.
smpi my ofcmates sume ckp "nnt u jerit je, ktorg terus dok diam2 dlm bilik."

tapi luckily one day earlier, i had signs.

reitak said...

suziey, takpe, mmg I pk2 pun i nk tergelak...but I guess that's the reality of it la...

jaja, mana ganas, now ngadap laptop je..

is, hmmm u had signs....well, hopefully this time ada la :p